Physical Fellowship 2015

The UK’s only Physical Theatre Festival exclusively for young people.

The Physical Fellowship brings together young people from across the region to take part in professional training, performance making and skill development in physical theatre. Resulting in four nights of inspiring and original devised physical theatre by young people, alongside a headline performance of Sprungsters’ Pages, fill your eyes with wonder and see the whole world written in books. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.

This year’s theme Inspire Curiosity, explores how media can both suppress and free us. All performances presented as part of The Physical Fellowship take inspiration from tales of propaganda, writings that have influenced world change and the act of writing itself.

There is something in books, something we can’t imagine, there is magic in books, they stitch together patches of the universe into something spectacular.

The headline performance of Pages by Sprungsters showcases the potential of physical performance by some of Coventry’s most talented young performers. Pages looks at that certain something in books, that something we can’t imagine, that takes us by surprise.

Highly Sprung have a reputation for the delivery of inspiring projects and performances exclusively for children and young people. Highly Sprungdelivers participation, education, performance, artist training and art form development working with over 9000 children and young people each year.

Part of the In Our Own Words – July Festival of Theatre by Young People for Young People.


Ticket Information

Mon 13 Jul – 7:30pm, Tues 14 Jul – 7:30pm, Wed 15 Jul – 7:30pm, Thur 16 Jul – 7:30pm, Sun 19 Jul – 11:00am,

Tickets: £7.25 full price, £6.25 concessions

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